Bryn Mawr College

Undergraduate Research Assistant

1 September 2014


  • Bioinformatics
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Drift-diffusion Model
  • Genomics
  • Memory
  • Python
  • R Programming

Projects (Biology and Psychology)

  • The decision processes underlying memory performance (Cognitive Psychology)

  • The evolutionary genetics of yeast (Bioinformatics)

Research Experience

  • Fitted the diffusion model on item memory recognition task performance among 30 high medial temporal lobe (MTL) functioning adults and 30 low MTL functioning adults.
  • Compared model fitting of HDDM and fast-dm methods using cumulative density functions, linear regression and parameter recovery analysis.
  • Performed genetic variation analysis on large-scale DNA sequencing data of a yeast pathogen Candida Glabrata and described the genetic polymorphisms across the entire genome using bioinformatics tools.
  • Quantified the population structure of the same species by using a distance-based multivariate technique, multidimensional scaling as well as creating a phylogenetic tree of the sequenced strains.
  • Developed a pipeline for genome analysis with bioinformatics programs and computer clusters.

Posters & Presentations

  • Jiang, Y. (May 2016). Model comparison and parameter recovery of two diffusion models: Fast-dm and HDDM. Oral presentation given at Bryn Mawr Psychology Department, Bryn Mawr, PA.
  • Jiang, Y. (December 2015). Variant detection and population structure analysis in yeast Candida Glabrata. Oral presentation given at Bryn Mawr Biology Department, Bryn Mawr, PA.
  • Jiang, Y. (September 2015). Comparison of two diffusion models on item recognition memory task. Poster presented at the 26th Annual Summer Science Research Symposium, Bryn Mawr, PA.